Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search
Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search
Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search


Experience & Mission

"Extraordinary clients should be presented with nothing less than extraordinary candidates."
Ray Bedingfield, Chairman of the Board Emeritus


Woodmoor Group was established in 1994. Ray Bedingfield, an executive recruiter with a national reputation and then with more than 30 years experience at varying levels, started the company with Elizabeth Murdaugh, MD. Since then, Woodmoor Group has grown from a one-person office in Colorado to a dynamic operation with associates in multiple locations throughout the United States. Our professionals have in-depth search experience and are engaged by Fortune 500 as well as smaller businesses in the practice of executive search. (We take great pride in Woodmoor Group’s record of success with more than 560 client/partners.)

A keen sense of personal service governs our business. That’s easy to say, but tough to implement. With Woodmoor Group, service comes not just from your primary contact within our company, but from the entire project team as well. Add a strong research group and our unusual technical infrastructure, and we have abilities far beyond the norm. Strong direct recruiting and networking capabilities, added to data mining resources that are extremely unique, provide for swift, dynamic execution of our assignments. We answer search needs with flexibility, a sense of urgency, and with the highest quality work on behalf of our client/partners. We do this with 100% guarantees on every penny paid our firm.

Woodmoor Group looks for ways to create expanded flexibility and innovation in our relationships – not for ways to impose artificial barriers on our clients. We consider it a privilege to consult with client/partner management in the area of employment. Our people share many years of corporate business experience from a wide selection of industries and companies. That, together with constant training in the foundations of the search business, allows us to recruit in all industries and disciplines. We have earned our reputation by performing in areas important to our clients: accountability, flexibility, quality and a sense of urgency. We are proud of a ‘generalist’ reputation built on the results of our mission statement: "Bringing the Best Together."


What are the resources our firm can bring to you and your search? One obvious answer is a professional, well-trained and competent recruiter. He or she is able to network with hundreds of people, with your target candidates always in mind. The goal of this work is direct recruiting , the source of 85% of our completions. In short, our people are able to represent your company as well as ours. Additional tools involved in our unique search process include: data mining with its endless capabilities (one of a handful of search companies deeply involved), a proprietary inside research group, automated systems, and an extensive 90 million prospect database. Communication equipment and skills are far beyond anything that could have been conceived a few years ago. The combination of talent and resources dedicated to the research/recruiting end of each assignment we accept is vast, high quality, and very productive. We monitor our work against metrics used in our Search Schedule. Quality, professionalism and service are always in mind. Your success is our success and nothing less will do.

Within thirty days of being retained (usually twenty working days) we will share with you our SPR ( Search Progress Report ). This report consists of profiles of the most qualified candidates sourced as well as a short description of every contact made on your search to date. After discussion with you, we will arrange for candidate interviews and follow up. This process will be repeated until the assignment has been successfully concluded.

We stake our reputation on the quality of our professionalism and personal service. The attention and action we focus on your searches are the highest commitment we can make. We consider ourselves partners of our customer companies, and conduct ourselves as such. The reputation and success of our client/partners is always in mind. Your success is our success; we have a thorough understanding that our success relies on yours. We both prosper through our partnership philosophy.

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