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Reserve Account Synopsis

Woodmoor Group, Inc. is proud to present the Reserve Account, a “Team Builder” tool developed by a Woodmoor Group Vice President for our very best clients. Due to the popularity of this service, we have expanded our focus and now make it available to first time clients as well.

A Woodmoor Group Reserve Account for your company is started with a simple call to our firm. This initiates our ten-step method of retained search, the utmost in focused intensity (see ‘Methods and Procedures'). You have immediate targeted effort combined with the elimination of the financial risk typically associated with retained search. You receive professional work by a successful, national search firm with this unique difference: the funds you pay us for executive search are never at risk. If you change the search, cancel it, or fill it by means other than our work, your funds remain credited to your Woodmoor Group account until you utilize them by directing them toward any other search of your choosing – and there is no time limit.

Woodmoor Group has always been an innovator in our field. Coming up with a better way to conduct retained search, a way evolved around adding assurances to our clients, had long been a goal. Impetus for our Reserve Account was provided when a VP of Human Resources of an automobile manufacturer complained to us about a top five search firm. When he changed the specifications on a search being conducted, the firm cancelled and billed the remainder of that search. To add insult to injury, the firm asked for a new search - to begin with yet another large fee. At Woodmoor Group, you can eliminate the fear of financial loss, because there is no charge against your account for unfilled, changed, filled by other means, or cancelled search assignments. We are a service business. We believe that integrity and good faith between ourselves and our clients is critical.

Client Advantages with the Woodmoor Group Reserve Account:

  • Your company deserves the very high QUALITY of retained search with a guarantee that eliminates financial risk.
  • Your search begins with the creation of a strategic and tactical plan.
  • We assign extra resources to your Reserve Accounts (people, dollars, time, energy, research).
  • We conduct a THOROUGH search for your company combined with a sense of urgency.
  • You receive PARTNER STATUS for your company with our firm.
  • You will have a dedicated “Point-Person” within our firm, someone with personal responsibility for you and your company.
  • Our Customer Service creed: Constant Client Contact and “Excellence.”
  • The Reserve Account is Ideal for immediate team building, anticipated multiple fills, perhaps over a number of months, and/or a single high-level search.
  • Woodmoor Group provides flexibility, dedication and swift, dynamic execution.
  • There is no additional “expense” billing without specific pre-approval by our clients (requested travel expenses, etc.).
  • Contingency search feature: For all of our retained clients, we will conduct contingency searches on a ‘time available' basis up to the $80,000 level.

Enjoy the advantages and quality of retained search without being charged if your search is not completed or is filled by any other means. Your account funds will be redirected toward any other search of your choosing.

After initial discussions and negotiations (and we are flexible) your Woodmoor Group Reserve Account will be established with the transfer of funds to our company, usually in amounts ranging from $50,000 up, depending on the number of searches and other factors. We will begin working with you immediately to determine the parameters of your search(s). Once funds have been transferred, expect immediate focus and attention. However, you have unlimited time to use those funds. Remember: THERE IS NO CHARGE AGAINST YOUR ACCOUNT FOR UNFILLED SEARCH ASSIGNMENTS. Isn't it about time?

(For information on our operations, please see the ten points under Methods and Procedures .)

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