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We can be part of your business only if we understand both you and your business. Virtually anything and everything we can obtain helps in this process: product brochures, organization charts, future business plans, the competition from your viewpoint, your verbally presented ideas and enthusiasms. (All proprietary information is treated with a high degree of confidentiality.) We prefer visiting with our client organizations whenever possible. With your approval, such a visit will add much to our capability. It helps expand our knowledge and enhance our understanding of you, your people, your organization and your industry.

The main ingredient of a successful search process is the search firm’s complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the position. This process involves many questions and a long, focused discussion that goes well beyond existing written job descriptions. At Woodmoor Group, we recognize and prioritize your most important requirements and expectations.

Developing a written description (best conducted during a personal visit): Discussions with you and people you designate forms the basis of a position definition. Qualifications, specifications, responsibilities and duties, along with understanding general personality traits, etc., become the heart of the search that is to follow. When the actual search begins, the care vested in these matters will bring dividends in the rapid dispatch, quality and results of our work.

An absolute necessity: Woodmoor Group determines the personality and style of the client/partner’s organization, as well as the people with whom the successful candidate will interface. We must consider these factors in matching candidates to client positions.

When the search description is signed off by our client/partner, the research group produces several studies: a) a general overview of the industry or closely related industries involved; b) the outstanding companies and those companies that have been targeted; c) an initial contact list. This is accomplished by first matching the requirements against Woodmoor Group’s many sources. Although we may utilize data from recent, current or similar searches, new and original research is targeted specifically on each new search. Involved in this is extensive use of our reference library, our databases, our expansive data mining capability and our contact network. This improves our capabilities and performance in sourcing candidates from specific industries and designated companies. Direct competitors or any designated companies or industries are generally mapped and targeted. Professional societies and trade organizations are also utilized.

At Woodmoor Group, all searches are conducted by a senior associate. Your personal Woodmoor Group partner may have junior associates or associate level recruiters assisting. However, he or she, using contacts, expertise and/or knowledge from experience with past assignments, shoulders the responsibility for filling your requirements through personal interactions (see below). From a teamwork standpoint, we also draw on the expertise of Woodmoor Group associates with applicable employment backgrounds. But it is the skill of the Senior Associate, the skill shown in networking, communicating and direct recruiting that contributes most to Woodmoor Group’s success. The majority (85%) of our candidates are directly sourced and are employed at the time of contact.

Typically, a substantial amount of material, often including hundreds of resumes, is gathered. Initial contact screens out the obviously unqualified. With the remainder, we participate in lengthy telephone conversations that help identify probable candidates. We will, with agreement from our client/partner, talk with the people who are best qualified in person. This enables us to better judge such factors as force of personality and personal charisma. We assess and compare in-house candidates and any others you may designate as well.

We go out of our way to avoid the "haven’t heard from them in months" reputation of some search firms by contacting designated client/partner parties often, once a week or as needs arise. During these conversations, we will discuss leading candidates, their background, accomplishments, why we feel each is qualified, and what would be required to attract each person. Resumes will be presented, as will our SPR (Search Progress Report). As usual with retained search, all resumes and correspondence regarding individual candidates will be treated as confidential and marked accordingly. This is for the protection of the candidates and you, our client/partner.

Within thirty days of acquiring the search, Woodmoor Group will present a Search Progress Report, either in person or by conference call. This report represents a "roadmap" of where we have been on your search. That map allows us to create a written sketch of each person we have contacted during the course of the work to date (as many as 200). More important: the SPR will provide you with a detailed profile on each candidate we deem most qualified. In another section, the SPR will discuss your competition. A brief compensation study/analysis as it relates to you and your competition and industry will be included.

Woodmoor Group conducts reference checks and helps arrange the actual interviews for chosen candidates. We again discuss the position in detail, sharing with the candidate all that we know and are allowed to divulge. This makes certain that candidates arrive for the interview knowledgeable and with each ready to put his or her best foot forward. We most often participate in final negotiations, sometimes to the 100% level (virtually every facet).

We have found that it is important to contact the candidate and his or her immediate supervisor from time to time to make certain that all is going well. This contact will allow us to help insure a seamless transition into the new role.

Every search we successfully complete introduces us to literally hundreds of contacts and sources in your field. This further refines our list of contacts in your areas of specialization. And since we create a "roadmap" of our activities during your search, we are prepared to serve your company in future searches with minimum orientation. It is our hope that the first search we conduct for you as a client/partner is the beginning of a long professional relationship with your company.

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