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Corporate Clients FAQ

What really sets Woodmoor Group apart?
What industries do you work with and what kind of people do you find?
What is 'retained search' and why should we use it?
What is a "contingency" search?
What are your fees?
What Kind of Guarantees Do You Offer?
What are your core competencies?
Why should we engage your firm when we can simply put an ad on the web?
How confidential is your service?
Do you carry insurance to protect my company?
How do we get your attention for a critical position that must be filled yesterday?

Q: What really sets Woodmoor Group apart?

A: The short answer is service. What makes that answer possible are innovations such as a retained search firm that will - on a time available basis - handle your contingency level searches. We believe that artificial barriers - such as the 'non-contingency' stance of major retained firms is held over from days gone by, one that serves the firm well, but not the client. Add our totally unique retained search guarantee: if you change your mind, hire from within without our input, or hire someone off the street, you have whatever portion of the fee that you have already paid us 'on account' and available to you to apply on any other search within a year. 33% of searches by major retained search firms go unfilled - yet they offer no refund. That will never happen with Woodmoor Group where your funds can always be applied to another search. (More details regarding these features and others will be found in this question and answer section.)

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Q: What industries do you work with and what kind of people do you find?

A: We work with every industry finding people of every kind because we specialize in the generalist aspect of retained search. Put another way: we are truly experts in our business, the field of executive search, and while we may know much or little about your industry, we may not be of your industry. This is more than just a play on words; excellence in this generalist approach has been an intentional direction of the company for over twenty years. Our people constantly train in the fundamentals of executive search, the same that apply to virtually every search ever undertaken. We have developed the ability to find - and will find - world-class candidates for any industry for any position anywhere in the world. The foundation of our company is this: If we become better at what we do, and we learn everything we can about what you do - that makes us more valuable to you, our client/partners. We engage in any search that the companies of our diverse client base ask us to undertake. We find people who make the word 'excellence' come to mind. See our current industry list on the Placement Services page.

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Q: What is a "contingency" search?

A: We make contingency search available to our retained search clients for positions under $80,000 in first year compensation. We work very hard to fill all of our contingency searches. They are, however, prioritized by what we can accomplish at any given time. On occasion, a contingency search may be delayed by heavy traffic up ahead. If a client does not want the most thorough search (a higher priority retained search) a contingency search may be a good choice. "It doesn't cost you anything to look" is the mantra with contingency. You have this guarantee: every search assigned to Woodmoor Group will receive the attention we would want for our own company.

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Q: What is "retained search" and why should we use it?

A: Our company is retained when a client/partner pays all or part of our professional fee in advance. This is done in the same way as for any professional person or group, perhaps a law firm, a management consulting company, etc. usually with a part in advance and the remainder upon demonstrated progress or completion. We consider ourselves consultants to management for talent acquisition and have spent many years becoming just that. When a search is secured, it is immediately assigned to professional personnel and processed for several types of research necessary to completion. (Our objective is to deliver a full report with candidate recommendations within thirty calendar days.) This ability to bring a high degree of professionalism to your recruiting needs, always with an awareness of the need for excellent, high quality candidates, may be the greatest reason for a retained relationship.

Our RESERVE ACCOUNT type of executive search, used primarily for several or more simultaneous searches, commits our company to a virtual partnership arrangement with our client/partners in fulfilling their needs with both alacrity and excellence. Our 25/75 search is preferable for an initial test of our ability to perform, or for a single position search at any time.  Frankly, it is also used for small group searches.  With this standard Woodmoor Group program, your advance payment is only 25% of the estimated fee, the remainder due upon offer, acceptance and agreed upon starting date.

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Q: What are your fees?

A: Woodmoor Group search rates vary from 25% to 33% (of the first year's total compensation) depending on the guarantee period. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in this area. On every search we accept, we bring you the most excellent candidates available and in the quickest possible time. For major staffing situations, we negotiate a package with our client/partner.

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Q: What Kind of Guarantees Do You Offer?

A: First: Anyone placed by Woodmoor Group is fully covered by a replacement guarantee for any reason other than death, merger or acquisition for a period up to one full year from the starting date. There is no charge for this replacement service except non-fee expenses as may be cleared with the client/partner in advance of the replacement search.

Second: Woodmoor Group offers a most unique guarantee in the retained search business: every cent paid Woodmoor Group for a retained search of any type we offer remains credited to your account with our company for one full year. In other words, should you decide to cancel a search for any reason, the funds remain credited to your account for that year until we complete enough searches for you to fully cover any amount we have on hand. You might consider this a type of 'debit card' account. 

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Q: What are your core competencies?

A: DIRECT RECRUITING would have to be listed as one extremely important facet of our services. We are among the best in the business, with 85% of our successful candidates having been placed as a result of direct recruiting. In addition, we have unusual strength in research, assessment, and pre-screening for match, in furthering communication between our candidates and client/partners, and in the area of closing, where we help conclude the arrangement, most often becoming involved in negotiations. As explained above in the paragraph regarding our 'generalist' nature, our core competencies are the full panoply of finely honed executive search tools, competencies that are basic to the business of executive search. A great deal of initial and ongoing training combined with extreme effort on behalf of our associates makes all of this possible.

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Q: Why should we engage your firm when we can simply put an ad on the internet?

A: People used to ask, "why should we use professional search when we can just put an ad in the newspaper?" It's about the same problem: lots of unqualified, unhappy people answer Internet and newspaper ads, while the few qualified people the ads uncover often have several other situations (if not offers) going, causing you a great waste of time, effort and money. Some folks are simply "fishing" to see what they might be worth on the market. While Woodmoor Group is as 'wired' as any search firm in the world, not only with numerous databases, but with data mining sites and expertise in search engine usage (and as a client/partner, you would want us to use every possible internet recruiting tool to uncover the best candidates) we see only a sixth or so of our placements coming from Internet sourced candidates. Most still come from networking and direct third party professional recruiting of 'passive' candidates, our specialty and our strength.

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Q: How confidential is your service?

A: As confidential as you want it to be. We have conducted entire searches, identifying several finalist candidates for our client, without ever having divulged the name of the client company or even the state in which the positions existed. Confidentiality is our stock in trade in our usual searches, but it can be tightened to the extreme if our client/partner so desires.

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Q: Do you carry insurance to protect my company?

A: Woodmoor Group, Inc. carries insurance policies covering errors and omissions, legal costs, and business liabilities. Although we have never had a claim against our company, insurance is a necessity in our time.

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A: Woodmoor Group has many times been engaged to complete searches that have been abandoned or ignored by the major retained firms that initiated them. (Their success rate of about 66% has a reverse side: complete failure about 34% of the time.) We have filled these searches in two to four weeks – lightning fast, by retained standards - and we have done so time and time again and at a success rate of nearly 100%. (Our only “failures to complete” such searches resulted from the client eliminating the position altogether. Every penny paid Woodmoor Group remains “on account” for those companies for use on any future search.)

If this unfortunate circumstance has occurred with your company, if your sense of urgency has reached critical mass, then Woodmoor Group has a very special arrangement for you. We are willing to do this because of 1) our sincere focus on improving our industry’s standard of performance and 2) at the same time demonstrating Woodmoor Group’s brand of search: thoroughness with alacrity. In addition, we know that if we help you now, that we have a better chance of being your search firm of choice for the future.

Please call your Woodmoor Group recruiter or Mark Chambers, CEO at (719) 266-3174 and ask about Search Rescue. We will structure a plan that will recover a very significant portion of your loss and help restore your faith in our industry.

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Q: How do we get your attention for a critical position that must be filled yesterday?

A: REACT 2/10tm! We can move faster than you can believe. When immediate attention, speed and quality are all equally important, Woodmoor Group will jump start your search by producing two top talent candidates who not only fit your requirements but are eager to join your company and your team. And ... we will do so in ten days! Thereafter, we will keep sending outstanding candidates until your search is complete. For a REACT 2/10tm search, we charge a standard fee. REACT 2/10tm is an exclusive branded product of Woodmoor Group, Inc. Contact any Woodmoor Group recruiter for immediate action. All Woodmoor Group retained search guarantees apply.



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