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Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search
Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search
Writing Your Resume


Writing Your Resume

Our active job search changes daily as we add new searches and fill existing ones. Whenever we acquire a new search from our clients we access our own database of candidates before looking to outside sources. Woodmoor Group's searches have been increasingly expanding into the international market with an emphasis on the Asian, European & South American countries. Candidates seeking positions in the United States, as well as those with an international background who are seeking employment in another country are encouraged to send in their resume.

Another option for getting our attention is to directly e-mail your resume to us at resumes@woodmoor.com. When your resume is received we will immediately forward it to the attention of one of our associates. You will then receive a response from us directing you to the above listed link, which will allow you to also add it to our database. Please be advised that simply e-mailing in your resume will not automatically include you in our database. You must take these extra steps for future consideration. Please know that your information is safe with us and that we will not share your information with anyone without your permission.

You don't need a "How to" book to write your resume. Just follow the guidelines below.
(If we have suggestions of things to change, we'll let you know!)

Please use:

  • Standard fonts, such as Times New Roman
  • Twelve point font
  • Generous margins
  • Bullets and numbering for long lists of accomplishments
  • As much space as you need to describe your professional career


  • Boxes, macros, and embedded page numbers
  • Fancy fonts and embellishments
  • Colors
  • Extraneous information

Include (in this order):

  • Your name, address, email, and available phone numbers
  • Detailed outline of work experience, including dates, locations, job titles, and specific responsibilities, in reverse chronological order
  • Academic degrees and certifications, including dates
  • Publications and Patents
  • Awards and honors
  • A summary of key words, if your background is very specific to your industry

...and finally, Please attach a separate cover letter stating

  • Your current compensation, broken down into base salary and any bonuses
  • Information about the best way to contact you
  • Any geographic or other limitations
  • Names of companies you have already contacted
  • Names and numbers of three or four references (optional)

Busy executives (and recruiters!) read many resumes. Yours will have maximum impact if you use:

  • Simple, traditional format
  • Facts and figures that tell your story accurately
  • A minimum of other material such as goals and hobbies.

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