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Fee Structure


We know, when it comes to the quality of results or the strength of an investment in one's company, that very few executives look to price as the determining factor in reaching the decision to employ our services. We do believe, however, that you should not have to pay all or even most of a service fee in advance of genuine retained search performance; hence, our 25/75 fee structure. 25% in advance unleashes the extraordinary strength of a Woodmoor Group, Inc. retained search, while 75% of the fee is charged upon your search having been successfully completed. In other words... we share the risk!

Check for yourself: WOODMOOR GROUP'S TEN POINTS ON METHODS AND PROCEDURES will tell you exactly how we conduct your search, how we help you complete it, and how we follow through.
Click here to read: 10 Points on Methods and Procedures .

EXPENSES A WORRY? With the largest firms charging up to 20% over and above the actual fee, expenses certainly should be considered. With Woodmoor Group, any expenses not covered by the fee will be individually cleared with you in advance – every time. Most of our completed invoices have no items for additional expenses.

No other retained search firm offers a high quality retained search with a sense of urgency for 25% in advance and 75% upon completion COMBINED with a guarantee that will (1) let you withdraw from a search and receive a full credit for your payment, (2) let you fill the position from within and have full credit for a future search, or (3) give you credit for any amount previously paid no matter what the situation if we do not complete the search. This UNIQUE GUARANTEE extends our "Share the Risk" policy to every Woodmoor Group client company.

We also provide you with up to a full one-year guarantee from the starting date on any hire made as a result of our work. There is something else you should know: Woodmoor Group has never failed in a retained search and Woodmoor Group has never failed in a replacement guarantee. While others may claim the same, you should know that the major retained search firms complete about 66% of their searches. What happens the rest of the time? Whatever else it may be, it is also failure, and we know it does not happen with Woodmoor Group, Inc.

A quote from our founder that further emphasizes our absolute confidence and belief in what we are offering: "We have not come to this place overnight. Over twenty years since our founding and forty years since I entered this business, we are able to say that we have the very best client package in executive search. On that you have my word."

25/75 Fee Structure Options: Woodmoor Group believes in flexibility in structuring service fees. Volume and multiple search service fees are tailored to suit the situation and are often well fitted to Woodmoor Group's premier full service Reserve Account option. We invite your questions in regard to fee structures.

We are asking that you examine Woodmoor Group, Inc. as your executive search partner, not that you accept on blind faith what is written here. We so strongly believe that what we have to offer is exactly what you're looking for that we are willing to share the risk .

We expect and appreciate your interest, and look forward to your questions. One more thing: try us out by giving us the hardest, toughest search you have. We expect that, as well.

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