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Woodmoor Group - Executive Placement Search


Carol Remington - Chemical and Aerospace/Defense

Senior Vice President

Office: 303 646-0467
Cell: 719 510-3308

Carol Remington has a

  • Bachelors in Education
  • Undergraduate in Anthropology and Education at Oxford University, England
  • Masters in Human Resource Management
  • Previously Adjunct professor at Webster University
  • 25 years of Corporate Human Resource experience, primarily in aerospace,
  • Most recent corporate position, VP HR at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science,
  • Executive Recruiter with Woodmoor Group, Inc.

As an Executive Recruiter, Carol specializes in 2 industries: chemical and aerospace/defense, all functions from mid-level management to CEO, all geographic locations including overseas, but primarily with the US. Her promise is to recruit the best prospects and the right fit for your company which is why 80% of her business is repeat business. She continually updates her knowledge of the most recent developments driving the chemical and aerospace industries through her network

Carol’s experience is in technology driven companies. Her training and education is in Human Resources with an emphasis on Compensation and Benefits, but also including Employee Relations, Employee Communications, Employee Services, Recruiting, HR Systems, Long Range Planning, Organization Development, EEO, Employee Development.

Her passion is continuous learning with great emphasis on sharing her knowledge. Her first corporate position was teaching. She spent much of her time in corporate HR mentoring and training.

Successful recruiting is about tough challenges and persistence. Challenge drives Carol... Whether she is driving her Boxster S at a Porche club racetrack or campaigning one of her Aspenglow bred Morgan Horses to a World Championship, or recruiting that key employee that takes your company to the next level. She believes in a partnership with you. She will take great pride in exceeding your expectations.


  • "It was a pleasure working with Carol. She is extremely gifted in her ability to communicate, negotiate, and coach through the entire job selection process. Her knowledge of industry and specifically the HR field are at the expert level and results in an incredible talent for selecting and placing qualified candidates."
  • "I view you as one of the best at what you do, and hence did not hesitate to recommend your services to..."
  • "Thanks, I greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to speak with you. Would also like to mention that I am greatly impressed with how well informed you are about the job opportunity, especially some of the nuances of SMR technology and your related questions. These are qualities, while highly desirable, are not always a characteristic of other executive search specialists that I have worked with in the past."

  • "I also must say that you have been the first recruiter to whom I have talked to, where each time (so far only two times) you have been asking questions different from what all others have been asking. And when then I think about it later I say to myself: "I would have asked the same questions"."         
  • "...have been in management for over twenty years and have conducted business on both sides of the table with a multitude of recruiters at every level. I would like to commend Carol Remington as the most astute and diligent executive recruiter I’ve met to date. Carol is a dedicated professional whom exhibits high integrity with a superior work ethic. She is always on, always accessible, highly skilled and the epitome of representation of your mission statement. Carol is very informative and excellent in preparing candidates, like me, concise and impressive presentations for your clients. I have gained a great deal of respect for your organization knowing that Carol Remington is the essence of your system in action." 
  •  "WOW! Very good show; you know not only the right doors but know the magic to open them! I'll do my best to hold up my end in order to reflect well upon you."


  • "The clients that Carol brought for our consideration fit our needs and requirements. She listened to what we were looking for and suggested clients who fit those needs without submitting a lot of resume's that she knew were not a good fit." 

  • "Carol kept all informed of progress and when we were in that period of indecision, made good suggestions on how to get to know her clients further before making a hiring decision." 

  • "Carol worked hard for her clients to get the best fit not only for compensation, but more importantly for long term growth and satisfaction for her client and client companies."

  • "Carol was very upbeat, positive and a pleasure to talk to. She made you feel comfortable with discussions and they were always in a friendly mode."  

  • "Would not hesitate to use Carol (Woodmoor Group) in the future as the experiences I have had were not only professional but positive and personable." 

  •  "An excellent find and great work on your part. I have been very impressed with how you conduct your business and the quality of your work." 

  •  "I just wanted to send you a quick note on today’s teleconference with Lynn. We really appreciate you sending him our way. The conversation went very well, and we are going to set up a face-to-face on Friday the 20th in San Diego. He really seems excited about the opportunity, and so far he looks like the gent that we are looking for in LA. I’ll follow up with a phone conversation once I’m back in San Diego…..end of week hopefully. It’s obviously not very often that we find the talent that you have provided, and I believe that this time it is going to work for everyone’s benefit. I’ll keep you posted as things develop."

  • "…originally came to Woodmoor because our current recruiter had not been able to find the right candidate in over 3 months. I sat through a dozen or more on-site interviews that were supposedly pre-screened and we simply were not seeing the right caliber of professionals. Our business was experiencing unprecedented growth and we desperately needed a manufacturing executive to step in immediately and create a world-class atmosphere. Carol Remington committed to finding a candidate in 30 days. She did just that. She spent the time to understand the culture of our company and the skill-set that we were looking for. By understanding the specific needs of the client, Woodmoor directed their search to those individuals with a proven track record of success in a very specific industry. 6 months later, I couldn't be happier. Our search resulted in hiring an individual that fits very closely with our culture, complex environment, and strategic direction. This individual paid for the cost of recruiting fees within the first couple of months by bringing together a team that was focused on the strategic goals of the company."



    • "In my 49 years, I have talked to loads of recruiters. However, your questions to me as a reference are excellent. It is the most in depth reference request I have ever experienced. Thank you for the passionate interview today...Exceptional and extremely professional with a nice seasoning of personal flavors! Please send me a package. I would like to recommend you to some of my corporate clients that have unfulfilled needs."



















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