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Stephen Adams - Publishing and Financial Services

Sr. Executive Recruiter

Office: 719-785-2264

As a Senior Executive Recruiter, I specialize in the fields of publishing and financial services. For many years prior, I assisted people and organizations as a career coach and published author. Two of my books, Reinventing Your Career (1996) and Back to Work! (2009) have helped many navigate the difficult course of career development during troubled economic times. Having worked for large corporations and nonprofit institutions, I also developed a keen appreciation for employer staff development needs in a competitive environment. As an executive editor, I have personally experienced the challenges of identifying quality individuals and hiring them for critical positions. It's so true that there's no better way of learning than by doing.

My 30+ years in journalism (three newspapers, two magazines) & publishing (six books) have provided me a wealth of knowledge about the industry. As a freelance writer, I regularly interviewed dozens of CEOs on various industry issues, ranging from biotechnology to venture capital. In between publishing and recruiting I worked for several years as a financial advisor for two investment firms. So, now I also help financial enterprises looking to fill key senior positions and topnotch senior financial executives find each other. It makes a big difference when your recruiter understands the business. Unlike the traditional search firm, our recruiters are "encore career" people who have actually worked in many of those same fields and so have more of a "peer-to-peer" relationship with clients and candidates.

As a public relations consultant, I have worked with executives for major health insurance companies struggling to control costs of health care services. Maybe it's in the blood: My wife, Mary Jane, has been a nurse manager for many years for a variety of health care institutions, and we've teamed up on occasion to speak on the subject of health care financing for people approaching retirement.

On the significance of Back to Work!:

"Stephen Adams has written a book that could be a lifesaver for thousands and an encouragement for millions. In a time when six months means 3 million lost jobs, a book on how to 'treat unemployment as a job' is beyond timely, it is crucial. ...The key tools to finding not just a new job but the right job are all here in Back to Work! and written by a man who has lived through such transitions and who writes from experience and from faith."

--Hugh Hewitt
National syndicated talk show host and New York Times bestselling author

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